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Conditioned drying in boxes

Drying in boxes Heating
Aspiration system Hatches
Drying in bulk Humidification
Conditioned drying Measure & control


Economic and optimal drying and storage by cooling and warming up of air and ventilation


Conditioned drying in a ventilated room


Conditioned drying in bulk


(cooling) drying with indoor and/or outside air


Conditioned drying and storage with heat exchanger for warm water, dry and cool air.


Evaporator with hotwater radiator; Drying by cooling and reheating of air.


Heat exchanger: hot gas into hot water Storage tank for hot water


Evaporator with inlet and outlet hatches; driest air during drying phase, cold outside air to cool.


Extraction of outside air Extraction of outside and inside air Extraction of inside air


Discharge of moist air Partial discharge of air No ventilation


Example cool drying with separate extraction hatch. Heating above the pressing fans





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